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Lucien Laviscount raved about his admiration for Shakira in an interview with Us Weekly, praising her talent, dedication to her fans, and love for life. The Emily in Paris actor revealed that he is currently dating Shakira after meeting her on the set of her “Puntería” music video. His casting in the video came quickly while he was filming for the fourth season of Emily in Paris, and he was thrilled to be able to work with Shakira in Miami, a place he had dreamed of visiting since childhood.

During the F1 Grand Prix weekend in Miami, Laviscount attended a Smirnoff ICE SURPR-ICE event at Biscayne Bay, where he handed out bottles of the drink. He described Smirnoff ICE as a nostalgic reminder of carefree summer days, and mentioned that he prefers low-key vacations with close friends in destinations like Antigua. Laviscount emphasized the importance of balance in his life, especially when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle despite the demands of his career. He enjoys staying active, trying new things, and giving himself grace to enjoy the journey.

Looking ahead to his acting career, Laviscount expressed interest in exploring new genres after his role in Emily in Paris. He expressed gratitude for the opportunity to portray Alfie on the show, which is set to return for its fourth season on Netflix on August 15. Laviscount’s positive attitude towards balancing work, personal life, and relaxation reflects his philosophy of enjoying the present moment and embracing new opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Overall, Lucien Laviscount’s interview with Us Weekly highlighted his admiration for Shakira, his experiences filming in Miami, and his approach to finding balance in his life despite his busy schedule. His passion for acting, interest in expanding his horizons, and commitment to living a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle were all evident in his responses during the interview. As he continues to pursue new opportunities in the entertainment industry, Laviscount remains grateful for the experiences and connections he has made along the way.

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