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Amy Cortes and Johnny McIntyre from Love Is Blind are considering having children, but they are not in a rush to expand their family. Amy, 27, expressed her desire to wait until her early thirties to have kids, and Johnny, 28, is on the same page. The couple is focused on continuing to explore their marriage, travel, and experience the world together before starting a family.

Johnny and Amy connected on the show and got engaged sight unseen before getting married during the season finale. They have now been married for a year and faced challenges such as living together for the first time. Johnny mentioned that adjusting to living together every day was a significant change from his previous living situation with roommates. Both Johnny and Amy have different routines, but they have managed to navigate these differences with grace and communication.

One issue the couple had to address was birth control, as Amy revealed on the show that she was not on any oral contraceptives. After learning more about her body, Amy and Johnny decided to use Natural Cycles, a birth control app that tracks the user’s cycle by inputting data like period start date and temperature. Amy shared that Natural Cycles has been a more informative and helpful tracking tool compared to the regular cycle tracking app she used before Love Is Blind. Using Natural Cycles has also been a bonding experience for the couple as they learn more about Amy’s body and educate themselves on fertility.

The couple mentioned that they are not in a rush to start a family and are waiting for the right time when they both feel ready. They are focused on enjoying their marriage and growing together as a couple before taking the next step of having children. Johnny emphasized that when they both feel prepared, they will pursue starting a family.

Overall, Amy and Johnny are taking their time to build a strong foundation in their marriage before expanding their family. They are open about the challenges they have faced, such as living together and discussing birth control, and prioritize communication and understanding in their relationship. The couple’s decision to use Natural Cycles as a birth control method has also been a positive experience for them as they continue to learn and grow together as a couple.

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