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Stephen Curry’s leadership is being questioned following an incident in which Draymond Green was ejected from a game. ESPN host Jay Williams stated that he was receiving messages from “high-level people” expressing concerns about Curry’s leadership. Williams mentioned that people are questioning Curry for not being able to control Draymond Green, who was ejected from the game for arguing with an official less than four minutes into the game against the Orlando Magic. This incident, along with previous outbursts from Green, has raised doubts about Curry’s ability to lead the team.

During the game in which Green was ejected, Curry displayed emotions by becoming misty-eyed and covering his face with his jersey. However, Williams suggested that Green’s actions were diminishing Curry’s leadership legacy. Green has a history of outbursts and physical altercations, including punching his teammate Jordan Poole, stomping on the chest of an opponent during the playoffs, and putting Rudy Gobert in a chokehold earlier in the season. Despite these incidents, Green maintains that he deserved to be ejected from the recent game and acknowledged that his actions were unacceptable.

Green’s ejection came after he argued with an official and was assessed two technical fouls. Despite his teammates and coaches trying to calm him down, Green continued to confront the referee, leading to his ejection from the game. This incident followed Green’s hard foul on Patty Mills in a previous game, which also raised concerns about his behavior on the court. Green has faced multiple suspensions this season due to his actions, including a five-game suspension for putting an opponent in a chokehold and hitting another player in the face, resulting in an indefinite suspension.

Despite the controversies surrounding Green and questions about Curry’s leadership, the Golden State Warriors managed to secure a win with a clutch three-pointer from Curry. The team currently holds the 10th seed in the Western Conference, but the focus has shifted to concerns about the team’s chemistry and leadership. The incidents involving Green have put a spotlight on Curry’s ability to lead the team effectively and manage his teammates’ behavior on and off the court. Moving forward, the Warriors will need to address these issues and work on improving team dynamics to ensure success in the remainder of the season.

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