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Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson, cohosts of the “Calm Down” podcast, are jokingly taking credit for setting up America’s favorite couple, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. They encouraged Swift to date the Kansas City Chiefs tight end on their podcast in August 2023, and the couple were rumored to be dating a month later. Andrews and Thompson discussed how they talked up Kelce on their podcast, urging Swift to give him a chance. They joked on The Tonight Show about being responsible for bringing the two together.

Jimmy Fallon joined in on the joke, thanking Andrews and Thompson for what they did for America by successfully setting Swift and Kelce up. Kelce himself gave credit to the sports commentators for their part in his relationship with Swift after Thompson reposted a clip from the podcast on Instagram. Kelce responded to the post and thanked Andrews and Thompson, acknowledging that he owes them big time.

After going public with Kelce, Swift has been seen wearing items from Erin Andrews’ NFL-inspired apparel line. She was spotted wearing a Chiefs windbreaker from the WEAR by Erin Andrews line at a game between Kelce’s team and the Denver Broncos, as well as a Chiefs bomber jacket at the Super Bowl. Andrews mentioned on The Tonight Show how she was thrilled to see Swift wearing items from her clothing line and appreciated the support.

Both Andrews and Thompson expressed their happiness for the couple on The Tonight Show, joking about taking the credit for setting them up. Thompson mentioned that they love both Swift and Kelce and are excited to see them happy together. The lighthearted banter about their role in bringing the two celebrities together added a fun and playful element to the conversation on the talk show.

The playful banter continued as Andrews and Thompson shared more about their podcast and their friendship with Kelce. They recounted their initial encouragement for Swift to date Kelce and reiterated their excitement about the couple being happy together. Thompson joked about taking the credit for their matchmaking skills, while Andrews expressed her joy at seeing Swift and Kelce together and wearing items from her clothing line.

Overall, the dynamic between Erin Andrews, Charissa Thompson, and Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show highlighted the fun nature of their relationship and the joke about setting up Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. The light-hearted conversation about the successful matchmaking attempt added a humorous and entertaining element to the talk show appearance. The hosts seemed genuinely thrilled to see Swift and Kelce happy together and to have played a small role in bringing them together.

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