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The cast of Emily in Paris, including Lily Collins and Ashley Park, had a magical day at Disneyland Paris, which Collins shared on Instagram in March 2024. Collins confirmed in January of the same year that filming had resumed for season 4 of the hit Netflix series. Park also expressed her excitement for the new season on social media after overcoming a health scare earlier in the year. The cast seemed thrilled to be back in Paris to continue filming the show.

The shocking season 3 finale of Emily in Paris left fans on the edge of their seats as Gabriel and Camille split at the altar due to his feelings for Emily. Alfie, upon hearing the news of the breakup, ended his relationship with Emily as well. The drama continued when Gabriel revealed that Camille was pregnant, leaving Emily in a state of shock. Lily Collins expressed her surprise at the multiple endings of the finale script, hinting at the unpredictable nature of the show.

Following the intense finale of season 3, series creator Darren Star teased what could be expected in season 4. Star hinted at a continuation of the complex storyline and the possibility of new developments for the characters. He emphasized that there was much more story to tell and that the show was far from reaching its conclusion. The fans of the show were eager to see how the relationships and storylines would evolve in the upcoming season.

Lily Collins and the cast of Emily in Paris seemed to be in high spirits as they resumed filming for season 4 in Paris. Collins shared updates from the set on social media, including behind-the-scenes moments with her co-stars. The excitement for the new season was palpable among the cast members, who were eager to delve back into the world of Emily Cooper and her adventures in the city of lights. The anticipation for the next season of the popular show continued to build among fans.

As filming progressed for season 4 of Emily in Paris, the cast shared more glimpses of their experiences on set. Lily Collins and Ashley Park documented their moments together, showcasing their camaraderie and chemistry as co-stars. The continuation of the storylines from season 3 left viewers eager to see how the characters would navigate the challenges and surprises that awaited them in the upcoming season. The behind-the-scenes glimpses offered fans a taste of what was to come in the highly anticipated new season.

With filming for season 4 of Emily in Paris well underway, the cast appeared to be fully immersed in their roles and the world of the show. The on-set camaraderie and excitement of the cast members translated into a sense of anticipation for the upcoming season. As the storylines continued to evolve and the characters faced new challenges, fans eagerly awaited the release of the new season to see how the adventures of Emily Cooper and her friends would unfold. The magic of Emily in Paris was set to continue captivating audiences with its blend of romance, drama, and charm in the iconic city of Paris.

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