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Dustin Poirier’s next fight could potentially be for a title belt and may also be his last, as the 35-year-old fighter is contemplating retirement after facing Benoit Saint Denis at UFC 299. Prior to this fight, Poirier had lost two of his previous three fights, including one for the UFC Lightweight Championship. Despite being the underdog, Poirier managed to secure a second-round knockout, extending his career a bit longer. He has faced many lightweight stars in the promotion but has yet to fight the current champion, Islam Makhachev, who he expressed interest in fighting for the title.

Makhachev has also expressed interest in facing Poirier for the belt, although he mentioned that Poirier “didn’t deserve” the honor. In response, Poirier stated that he has accomplished more in the sport than Makhachev and believes he should be considered for the title shot. Many anticipate that this potential title bout between Poirier and Makhachev could happen during UFC 302, with Poirier hinting that this fight could be his 39th and final match as a professional fighter. He has yet to win an undisputed title fight in his career, and retiring as the undisputed world champion is the only remaining goal he has in the sport.

Poirier expressed his desire to retire from the sport on his own terms and while he still has something left in the tank, stating that he wants to be the best in the world for one night as the undisputed champion. He acknowledged that the sport of fighting takes a toll on the body and he wants to ensure he is there for his family in the long run. Despite the risks involved in continuing to fight, Poirier seems content with the idea of finishing his career, even if it does not have a fairytale ending like retiring as a champion.

With a current record of 30-8 in his professional career, Poirier is focused on achieving the one goal that has eluded him in the sport – winning a UFC title. He mentioned that winning a UFC title would likely lead to his retirement from fighting, as he would have accomplished his ultimate goal. Poirier’s future in the sport remains uncertain, and he knows that many factors come into play when making decisions about his fighting career, especially one as significant as retirement. No matter the outcome, Poirier remains steadfast in his desire to retire on his own terms and with his head held high, having given his all in the Octagon.

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