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Draymond Green was ejected from the Golden State Warriors’ game against the Orlando Magic less than four minutes into the game after receiving two technical fouls for arguing with an official. Despite being called for one technical, Green continued to argue and was seen calling the referee a derogatory term, leading to a second technical and his ejection. This was Green’s fourth ejection of the season and the 19th of his career, with his previous suspension coming earlier in the year for a physical altercation with Rudy Gobert.

The incident with the referee came just a day after Green was called for a hard foul on Patty Mills, where his arm appeared to make contact near Mills’ neck. This recent ejection adds to a history of outbursts and physical altercations for Green, including punching a teammate, Jordan Poole, during training camp and stomping on an opponent, Domantas Sabonis, during the playoffs. The NBA issued Green a list of criteria to meet before he could return from his previous suspension, which resulted in him missing 15 games.

The Golden State Warriors currently have a record of 37-34 and are in 10th place in the Western Conference, putting them in position for the play-in tournament. In order to secure a spot in the playoffs, they would need to win two road games. Green’s ejection adds to the challenges the team faces as they look to secure a postseason berth. Despite their position in the standings, the Warriors will need to navigate through potential roadblocks, including the absence of Green due to his ejections and suspensions throughout the season.

Green’s actions on the court have drawn criticism from former NBA players and fans alike, with many pointing out his repeated outbursts and physical altercations. The incident in Orlando highlights the ongoing issues Green faces in managing his emotions and interactions with referees and opponents. As the Warriors continue their push for a playoff spot, they must find ways to overcome the distractions and setbacks caused by Green’s behavior and focus on their performance on the court.

Overall, Green’s ejection in the game against the Orlando Magic serves as a reminder of the challenges he and the Golden State Warriors face as they navigate through a competitive Western Conference and push for a spot in the postseason. Despite the controversies and distractions surrounding Green, the team will need to rally together and focus on their goals of securing a playoff berth and making a deep run in the playoffs. Green’s ability to control his emotions and avoid further incidents will be crucial as the Warriors seek to overcome obstacles and achieve success in the postseason.

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