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The ongoing feud between Draymond Green and Jusuf Nurkic continues even after both of their seasons have ended. The animosity between the two players dates back to an incident earlier in the season when Green hit Nurkic in the face during a game, leading to Green being suspended indefinitely by the NBA due to his involvement in other dangerous altercations. Nurkic took the opportunity to taunt Green after the Golden State Warriors were eliminated from playoff contention, posting a gif of the “Looney Tunes” graphic “That’s all folks” on social media. Green responded by mocking Nurkic for his lack of impact on his team’s success, pointing out that Nurkic’s Phoenix Suns were swept in the first round of the playoffs.

In a podcast episode, Green criticized Nurkic for trying to take jabs at others when he doesn’t play a significant role in his team’s success. Green highlighted Nurkic’s inability to affect the outcome of games and suggested that Nurkic should focus on improving his own performance rather than targeting other players. Green also shared a statistic on social media indicating that Nurkic’s .150 winning percentage in the playoffs is the worst ever, adding a sarcastic comment about hoping Nurkic gets the help he needs. Nurkic’s performance in the playoff series was underwhelming, with him averaging 7.4 points and 7.6 rebounds over five games.

The feud between Green and Nurkic has escalated through social media exchanges, with Green using Instagram to criticize Nurkic’s performance and question his impact on his team’s success. The tension between the two players stems from the earlier incident where Green hit Nurkic in the face during a game, leading to Green’s suspension by the NBA. Nurkic’s taunting of Green after the Warriors were eliminated from the playoffs sparked a response from Green, who mocked Nurkic for his lack of influence on his team’s performance. Green emphasized the importance of focusing on personal improvement and success before targeting other players.

Green’s comments about Nurkic’s performance and impact on his team’s success reflect a larger issue in professional sports, where players often engage in verbal exchanges and social media taunts. The ongoing feud between Green and Nurkic highlights the competitive nature of the NBA and the intense rivalries that can develop between players. The public back-and-forth between Green and Nurkic demonstrates the power of social media in adding fuel to these conflicts and allowing players to express their opinions and engage with fans. Despite their season being over, the tension between Green and Nurkic continues to simmer, adding an extra layer of drama to the NBA offseason.

The feud between Green and Nurkic serves as a reminder of the intensity and competitiveness in professional sports, where rivalries and conflicts between players can often spill over into social media and public exchanges. The ongoing back-and-forth between the two players has added an extra layer of drama to the NBA offseason, with fans and media outlets closely following their interactions and comments. As both Green and Nurkic focus on the offseason and look ahead to the next season, their feud is likely to continue to generate interest and headlines as they compete on the court and in the social media arena.

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