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Upgrading your laptop or desktop PC to Windows 11 Pro can provide access to features that are not available in the Home version, but this can be expensive if purchased directly from Microsoft for $200. However, StackSocial is currently offering a significant discount, bringing the price down to just $30. This deal also includes a Windows 10 Pro license for the same price, making it ideal for those looking to upgrade or build a new PC. It is important to note that this deal expires on March 25th, so act quickly if interested. Before purchasing, ensure that your computer meets the requirements for Windows 11, as not all devices are compatible.

Once you have purchased the license, you will receive an activation key to install and activate Windows 11 Pro on one computer. This process is typically intended for advanced users who are building a new computer or dual-booting an existing one with a second OS. Make sure you have access to another computer to download the necessary files, as well as a USB thumb drive for file transfer. If you are still in the market for a new laptop or desktop, be sure to explore the deals available on CNET for some solid options.

It is crucial to confirm that your computer meets the system requirements for Windows 11 before making the purchase. Additionally, if your PC is currently running Windows 10 and unable to install the free upgrade to Windows 11, it may not be compatible with this version either. This deal is tailored towards users who are knowledgeable about computer systems and comfortable with the installation process. Having access to a secondary PC to download the necessary files is essential, so be prepared to use another device for this purpose. Keep in mind that a USB thumb drive will be needed for file transfer during the installation process.

The discount on Windows 11 Pro and Windows 10 Pro licenses is a limited-time offer that expires on March 25th, so be sure to take advantage of the deal before it ends. This is a cost-effective way to access additional features and capabilities on your PC, but it is essential to ensure compatibility and have the necessary tools for installation. Remember to review the system requirements, have access to another computer for file downloading, and have a USB thumb drive on hand for transferring files during the installation process. Check out the laptop and desktop deals on CNET for more options if you are still in the market for a new device.

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