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Former President Donald Trump took to social media to criticize Fox News for its coverage of his New York civil fraud case, where he was fined $355 million after being found liable for fraudulently overvaluing assets. Despite maintaining his innocence and appealing the ruling, the penalty has now increased to over $450 million, with New York Attorney General Letitia James beginning the process to seize Trump’s real estate assets if he fails to pay or post an appeal bond before the deadline. Trump’s legal team admitted the difficulty of securing the bond amount in time, calling it a “practical impossibility.”

In his social media post, Trump accused Fox News of not adequately covering the “Letitia James Election Interference Scam” and criticized the judge for imposing the $450 million fine, calling it ridiculous. He argued that the only fraud was the overvaluation of Mar-a-Lago and claimed that damages should be paid to him for the situation. Trump expressed his belief that those currently in power are destroying America rather than contributing to making it great. While Trump did not specify the exact program or host he took issue with on Fox News, his criticism marks a shift in his relationship with the conservative network.

Throughout his political career, Trump had a generally positive relationship with Fox News, but in recent years, he has become increasingly critical. He had not made a live appearance on the network between 2022 and earlier this year when he participated in a town hall in Iowa. Trump had also previously criticized Fox News on his Truth Social platform for featuring guests who spoke against him. The former president’s feud with Fox News reflects broader tensions within the conservative media landscape and highlights his ongoing legal battle with the New York Attorney General over the fraud case.

Trump’s legal challenges in the New York civil fraud case have put him at odds with Fox News as he faces significant financial penalties and the possibility of losing his real estate assets. The former president’s continued insistence on his innocence and claims of political motivation in the case have intensified his criticism of the judge’s decision and the media coverage of the situation. As Trump seeks to navigate these legal challenges and maintain his public image, his interactions with the media, particularly Fox News, have become increasingly contentious, raising questions about the future of his relationship with the conservative network and his broader political standing.

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