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Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy recently raised about $240,000 for the family of fallen New York Police Department officer Jonathan Diller, who was shot and killed during a routine traffic stop in Queens. Officer Diller left behind a young widow, Stephanie, and a one-year-old son. Portnoy announced in a video that the company was selling NYPD merchandise on its store page and that they had raised additional donations to support the family. He pledged to match any additional contributions made for the cause, emphasizing the importance of supporting the families of fallen officers.

The suspect in the fatal police shooting of Officer Diller was identified as 34-year-old Guy Rivera, who has over 20 prior arrests primarily for drug and violent offenses. During a news conference, New York City Mayor Eric Adams explained that Diller and his partner conducted a traffic stop in Far Rockaway, Queens after finding a vehicle illegally parked at a bus stop. When they approached the vehicle, Rivera, who was in the passenger seat, refused to step out of the car and allegedly opened fire on the officers. This tragic incident highlights the dangers that law enforcement officers face in the line of duty and the risks they take to keep communities safe.

Portnoy expressed his condolences for Officer Diller’s family and emphasized the importance of supporting law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line every day. He noted that while money cannot bring back a lost loved one, it can provide some financial support for the family left behind. The fundraising efforts by Barstool Sports underscore their commitment to supporting first responders and the sacrifices they make to serve and protect their communities.

The shooting death of Officer Diller has sparked outrage and calls for justice in the community. Rivera, the suspect in the shooting, remains hospitalized after being struck by officers returning fire. The driver of the vehicle, Lindy Jones, also had a lengthy criminal record and was arrested in connection with the incident. The tragic loss of Officer Diller serves as a grim reminder of the dangers that law enforcement officers face daily in the line of duty and the importance of recognizing and honoring their service and sacrifice.

Portnoy’s efforts to raise funds for Officer Diller’s family have garnered widespread support and donations from the community. The commitment to match additional contributions highlights the solidarity and unity in coming together to support the family of a fallen hero. The tragic circumstances of Officer Diller’s death have brought attention to the risks that law enforcement officers face and the need to support their families in times of need. The generosity and compassion shown by Barstool Sports and their supporters reflect a shared commitment to honoring the memory and legacy of fallen officers like Jonathan Diller.

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