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Cory Wharton revealed on an episode of Teen Mom: Family Reunion that his past infidelity continues to impact his relationship with Taylor Selfridge. Wharton admitted that Selfridge does not trust him because he cheated on her five years ago, and he regrets it every day. They both acknowledged that their trust issues are a significant obstacle in their relationship. Selfridge explained that she is still holding a grudge and has not fully moved on from the betrayal, making it challenging for her to trust Wharton completely.

Wharton and Selfridge met on Ex on the Beach in 2017 and share two daughters together. Wharton also has a daughter with his ex, Cheyenne Floyd. During a couple’s exercise with relationship experts, Selfridge expressed her struggles with trusting Wharton after the cheating incident. Floyd, who was present during the discussion, highlighted the importance of Wharton acknowledging the impact of his past actions on Selfridge and providing the necessary tools to work through trust issues. Wharton also acknowledged that cheating is not the only issue they have to address in their relationship.

In a separate conversation with costar Tyler Baltierra, Wharton shared that he believes there are deeper issues in his relationship with Selfridge that go beyond his past mistakes. Selfridge agreed in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, mentioning that they both have underlying issues that affect their relationship. Despite their challenges, Selfridge confirmed that they are still together and have not separated. The couple’s relationship status was not affected by the filming of Teen Mom: Family Reunion, which airs on Wednesdays on MTV at 8 p.m.

The couple’s struggles with trust and infidelity highlight the complexities of rebuilding a relationship after a betrayal. Wharton’s openness about his past infidelity and Selfridge’s lingering trust issues demonstrate the importance of communication and working through past mistakes in a relationship. The support from Floyd and the insights from relationship experts in the show shed light on the challenges faced by the couple. It remains to be seen how Wharton and Selfridge will navigate their trust issues and continue to work on their relationship moving forward. Teen Mom: Family Reunion provides a platform for viewers to witness the real-life relationship struggles faced by the cast members and the efforts required to overcome past difficulties.

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