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Talks over a potential ceasefire and a hostage deal between Israel and Hamas in Gaza have hit a stalemate, according to sources familiar with the negotiations. While there are ongoing discussions and proposals being exchanged, no breakthrough has been reached. CIA Director Bill Burns recently met with Israeli, Egyptian, and Qatari counterparts in Doha, with a proposal being accepted by Israel but ultimately rejected by Hamas. Despite the setbacks, negotiations are still ongoing.

The main point of contention in the negotiations is the exchange of around 700 Palestinian prisoners for 40 Israeli hostages held in Gaza. This would take place during the first phase of a proposed ceasefire lasting approximately six weeks. However, other issues such as the return of Gazans to their homes, humanitarian aid for Gaza, and Israeli troop locations are still being fiercely debated. Hamas has taken a more maximalist approach, demanding discussions on an end to the war and the complete withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza.

The US has recognized some progress in the talks, despite the complex and slow process. Hamas negotiators need approvals from senior members of the group, making the process even more challenging. The inability to achieve a ceasefire could lead to Israel launching a large-scale ground offensive into the southern city of Rafah in Gaza. The US has warned against such an operation without a clear plan for the safety of the Palestinians in the area. Israeli defense minister Yoav Gallant visited Washington for discussions on the situation, but no agreements were reached on how to proceed with an operation in Rafah.

Israel has been advised to find an alternative approach to a major assault in Rafah, although they ultimately plan to eliminate the remaining Hamas battalions in the area. The Israeli government remains open to recommendations from the US but will execute the plan they deem necessary. The ongoing negotiations and tensions highlight the complexities and challenges of finding a resolution to the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. Despite the setbacks and disagreements, all parties involved continue to engage in discussions in an effort to reach a ceasefire and potential hostage deal.

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