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Solar Snap is a device-app combo designed to help protect your eyes and camera lens during a solar eclipse. It includes a camera filter that attaches to your phone and solar eclipse glasses. The free Solar Snap Eclipse app allows you to zoom in on the eclipse, adjust exposure settings, and capture photos. Founded by former Hubble Space Telescope astronomer Douglas Duncan, Solar Snap aims to provide a solution for taking photos of eclipses using only a phone camera.

The Solar Snap app is specifically designed for capturing photos during a solar eclipse, making it ideal for the upcoming total solar eclipse on April 8. The app provides filters for both the camera and eyes, ensuring safety while viewing the eclipse and taking photos. With features to optimize image quality, Solar Snap promises to deliver beautiful views of the eclipse that can be enjoyed long after the event. The app also offers automation, allowing you to take photos during the totality phase of the eclipse with ease.

The $19 Solar Snap kit includes the phone filter, protective eyewear, and Velcro sets for attaching the filter to your phone. The app is available on both Apple’s App Store and Android app marketplaces. As millions of people prepare to experience the total solar eclipse, it’s important to remember the risks associated with viewing the eclipse without proper eye protection. Solar Snap provides a convenient solution for safely observing and photographing the eclipse with your phone.

When it comes to eclipse photography, practice your setup beforehand to ensure everything is in order on the big day. A certified solar filter is essential for attaching to your camera to protect your eyes and capture clear photos. While DSLR cameras are ideal for eclipse photography, smartphone cameras can also be used with the right accessories. Remember to manually adjust focus and exposure settings for the best results. It’s important to strike a balance between capturing photos and enjoying the eclipse experience.

Overall, Solar Snap offers a convenient solution for safely viewing and photographing solar eclipses with your phone. The app provides filters for both the camera and eyes, ensuring protection during the eclipse. With features to enhance image quality and automate photo-taking during totality, Solar Snap makes it easy to capture memorable moments of the eclipse. As millions prepare to witness the upcoming total solar eclipse, it’s essential to prioritize eye safety and use proper equipment for eclipse photography.

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