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Violence erupted in Sydney following the alleged stabbing of a man outside a church in western Sydney. The incident led to riots and clashes with police, resulting in injuries to several officers. Authorities have appealed for calm in the community following the unrest.

The details surrounding the alleged church stabbing are still unclear, but the incident sparked outrage and led to a violent response from some members of the community. The unrest resulted in injuries to several police officers, highlighting the need for de-escalation and calm in such situations.

Community leaders and law enforcement officials have called for peace and urged residents to refrain from engaging in violent behavior. The focus now is on restoring order and ensuring the safety of all individuals in the affected area. Authorities are working to address the underlying issues that may have contributed to the escalation of tensions.

The riots and disturbances that followed the alleged church stabbing have raised concerns about the potential for further violence and unrest in the community. It is important for all parties involved to work towards resolving conflicts peacefully and addressing any issues that may have led to the outbreak of violence.

In the aftermath of the riots, efforts are being made to restore calm and prevent further incidents of violence. Community leaders, law enforcement officials, and residents are coming together to address the underlying issues and find ways to prevent future outbreaks of unrest.

Overall, the appeal for calm following the riots in Sydney serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining peace and resolving conflicts through dialogue and cooperation. It is crucial for all members of the community to work together towards a peaceful resolution and prevent incidents of violence from occurring in the future.

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