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Caitlin Clark led No. 1-seeded Iowa to victory over No. 16-seeded Holy Cross in the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament with nearly a triple-double performance. The game, which saw Clark scoring 27 points in front of her home crowd in Iowa City, ended with a 91-65 win for Iowa. Following the game, Clark made a statement that fans are more excited for the women’s tournament than the men’s, citing the passionate crowds, constant screaming of her name, and the overall excitement surrounding the tournament as evidence of this shift in popularity.

Clark’s comments were underscored by her observation that when she started her freshman season, the women’s tournament wasn’t even allowed to call it March Madness, a term reserved only for the men’s tournament. This highlights the fact that women’s basketball has been historically overshadowed by the men’s game, but players like Clark, Paige Bueckers, Angel Reese, and JuJu Watkins are helping to lead a revolution in the popularity of women’s basketball. Clark’s performance and impact on the game are indicative of this shift in attitude towards women’s sports.

The evolution of the women’s tournament’s popularity can also be seen in the ratings at the end of each tournament, which will eventually signal fans’ attitudes towards the tournaments this season. The success and excitement generated by players like Caitlin Clark are contributing to the growing interest in women’s basketball and the tournament as a whole. This shift in popularity is a positive development for women’s sports and highlights the talent and skill of female athletes on the court.

LSU coach Kim Mulkey recently threatened to sue the Washington Post over a rumored hit piece, expressing her frustration and stating that she is “fed up” with the situation. Mulkey’s reaction underscores the passion and dedication of those involved in women’s sports, and the importance of fair and respectful coverage in the media. The increased visibility and interest in women’s basketball brings with it heightened scrutiny, but also provides an opportunity to showcase the talent and achievements of female athletes.

As the women’s tournament progresses, fans can look forward to more exciting games and standout performances from players like Caitlin Clark. The success of the tournament and the growing popularity of women’s basketball are a testament to the hard work and dedication of the athletes, coaches, and fans involved in the sport. With players like Clark leading the way, the future of women’s basketball looks bright, and the growing excitement and support for the women’s game demonstrates the positive impact of increased visibility and coverage of women’s sports.

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