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Burglars in Los Angeles are using sledgehammers to tunnel their way into local businesses. In the early morning hours, suspects broke through three businesses and six walls in a strip mall to gain access to Denny Lesser Jewelers in Chatsworth. Denny Lesser, the owner of the jewelry store, encountered one of the suspects wearing a mask and gloves, attempting to force his way into the store. Lesser confronted the suspect, who then retreated and communicated with another person in a foreign language. Police were quickly contacted, and the suspects fled the scene, leaving behind tools used in the break-in.

Despite the significant damage caused by the burglars, including broken walls and stolen property, Denny Lesser considers himself fortunate that no one was harmed during the incident. He notes that this type of break-in is not new to him, recalling a similar incident at his store several years ago. The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed the break-in at Denny Lesser Jewelers and a similar incident at another jewelry store in Downtown Los Angeles. Both cases involved burglars using sledgehammers to gain access to the stores.

In addition to the break-ins at jewelry stores, other businesses in the area have reported attempted burglaries using similar methods. A salon owner expressed feeling violated by the attempted break-in at her store but acknowledged the blessing of no one being injured. She called for stricter prosecution of these criminals due to the prevalent and escalating crime in the community. The increase in burglaries using sledgehammers is part of a larger trend of criminal activity in the region, with thieves targeting businesses and stealing valuable merchandise.

One particularly brazen incident occurred in Beverly Hills, where burglars stole up to $5 million in merchandise from a jewelry store. Using sledgehammers to break windows during the day, at least five suspects were able to gain access to the store and steal high-end items. This incident, along with the recent break-ins at jewelry stores in Los Angeles, highlights the growing threat of crime in affluent neighborhoods. Security measures have become a priority for business owners, who fear potential losses and damage caused by these burglaries.

The use of sledgehammers to break into businesses is a dangerous and destructive trend that poses a threat to local businesses and their owners. The ease and speed with which burglars can tunnel through walls using these tools make it challenging for law enforcement to prevent and respond to such incidents. Increased security measures, such as alarms, surveillance cameras, and reinforced doors, have become essential for business owners to protect their property and ensure the safety of their employees and customers.

As law enforcement investigates these incidents and works to apprehend the suspects, business owners in Los Angeles are left feeling vulnerable and anxious about the potential for future break-ins. The community’s sense of security has been shaken by these bold and audacious burglaries, prompting calls for increased vigilance and cooperation among residents and businesses to combat crime effectively. The use of sledgehammers in break-ins is a stark reminder of the lengths to which criminals will go to access valuable goods, underscoring the need for enhanced security measures and community support to deter and prevent such criminal activity.

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