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US Border Patrol chief Jason Owens recently expressed concerns about the migrant crisis at the southern border, labeling it as a serious “national security threat” due to the potential of terrorists or dangerous individuals slipping into the US. He described how smugglers are currently “setting the rules of engagement” and controlling the flow of migrants into the country, further complicating efforts by Border Patrol to secure the border. Despite attempts to deny smugglers access to certain areas, the sheer size and complexity of the border with Mexico pose challenges.

A key issue highlighted by Owens is the large number of known “got-aways,” referring to individuals who have successfully evaded apprehension by Border Patrol. This poses a national security risk as authorities are unable to ascertain the intentions of these individuals and potentially dangerous people may be entering the country undetected. While many migrants are seeking asylum due to dire economic conditions, there is a small percentage of individuals with criminal backgrounds, including sexual predators and gang members, mixed within the broader population. Owens emphasized the need for tighter border security measures to address these risks.

The current fiscal year has seen a surge in encounters with migrants from an extensive range of countries, including Latin America and Africa, attributed to various smuggling organizations. Owens underscored the need for measures to combat illegal border crossings, suggesting harsher penalties such as jail time, deportation, and bans on reentry for offenders who do not follow established lawful pathways. With presidential elections approaching, border security has become a prominent issue among voters, with polls indicating widespread concern.

The Biden administration has faced criticism over its handling of the border crisis, with record levels of migrants crossing into the US and many being released into the country after claiming asylum. The Border Patrol has reported over a million encounters at the southern border, with a significant decrease from the previous year. Owens stressed the importance of addressing border security as a critical component of national security, highlighting the need to establish clear and enforceable laws to regulate immigration and ensure the safety of the country.

In light of the challenges posed by the migrant crisis, including the influence of smugglers and the presence of potentially dangerous individuals entering the US, Owens called for a comprehensive approach to border security. By addressing the root causes of illegal immigration, implementing stricter penalties for offenders, and enhancing enforcement measures, he believes it is possible to mitigate the risks posed by the current situation. The complex nature of the border and the diverse origins of migrants crossing into the US underscore the need for a multifaceted strategy to effectively address the crisis.

While the Biden administration has sought to shift blame onto Republicans for impeding efforts to address the border crisis, Owens emphasized the importance of bipartisan cooperation in tackling the issue. By working together to strengthen border security, enforce immigration laws, and address the root causes of illegal migration, it may be possible to address the national security risks and manage the flow of migrants more effectively. As the debate over border security continues to unfold, it remains a critical issue for policymakers, law enforcement agencies, and the public at large in the ongoing efforts to secure the US-Mexico border.

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