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Interest in psychedelic retreats, particularly those offering substances like psilocybin, MDMA, and ketamine, is on the rise. The Journeymen Collective in Vancouver, Canada has seen a significant increase in bookings, with a 183% spike year over year. Founders Gary Logan and Robert Grover emphasize the benefits of psilocybin for overall wellness, noting that perceptions about these substances are changing, with more people recognizing their therapeutic potential and dispelling myths surrounding their use.

Legal restrictions and medical precautions must be considered when it comes to psychedelic therapies. Psychedelics are classified as Schedule I drugs in the U.S. and are illegal in Canada, which can make individuals hesitant to participate in retreats. The Journeymen Collective focuses on preparing participants for the therapy and ensuring they are able to integrate the experience effectively. The founders stress the importance of education and proper guidance in navigating the use of psilocybin for therapeutic purposes.

High-profile individuals, including businesspeople, are increasingly seeking out psychedelic retreats to improve their efficiency, optimize their work and personal lives, and address issues such as burnout and lack of clarity. Derek Delost, a Vancouver-based CEO, found the retreat helped him find a clear vision for his future and made him feel happier and fulfilled. He credits the psilocybin experience with helping him confront fears and let go of control, leading to positive changes in his life.

The emergence of psychedelic retreats is making these treatments more mainstream, with some destinations incorporating psilocybin experiences into their wellness offerings. Jamaica’s Rockhouse Hotel offers a psilocybin sound bath experience in partnership with Patoo, a psilocybin treats company. The offering includes a wellness journey that incorporates plant medicine, breath work, and sound therapy, and has seen a surge in popularity as travelers seek experiences that enhance wellness and mind-body connection.

Experts emphasize the need for safe administration of psychedelics, particularly when treating mental health conditions. Psychedelic experiences can lead to anxiety, hallucinations, and paranoia, and there have been reports of adverse events during clinical trials. While there may be therapeutic potential in carefully managed psychedelic use, unregulated recreational use poses significant risks. It is important to fully vet facilitators and ensure safety when exploring psychedelic therapies.

Various studies have shown potential benefits of psilocybin in treating conditions like suicidality, anxiety disorders, and OCD, as well as substance use disorders. However, the substance can induce hallucinations that may lead to panic reactions and psychotic episodes, especially in individuals with certain health conditions or taking specific medications. While some states have legalized or decriminalized psilocybin, it is still illegal in many areas, emphasizing the importance of cautious and responsible use under the guidance of experienced clinicians.

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