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Billie Eilish has taken a strong stance against artists who release numerous vinyl versions of their albums, citing the negative impact on the environment. She criticized top artists for creating multiple vinyl packages with unique features to entice fans to keep buying more, calling it wasteful and frustrating that artists prioritize money over sustainability. Eilish has been an outspoken advocate for sustainability in the music industry and helped launch a project to reduce carbon emissions created by music production.

Despite releasing her latest album in eight different colored vinyl versions, Eilish made a commitment to sustainability by using recycled materials for production. She expressed disappointment that other artists do not share her dedication to the environment, highlighting the excessive amount of vinyl options available for the same album. Eilish emphasized the importance of being environmentally conscious and practicing sustainability in all areas of life, including music production.

Reflecting on her career, Eilish recalled her mother’s efforts to push music executives to consider the environment. She mentioned how executives would stumble over their words when asked about sustainability, showcasing the lack of action within the industry. Eilish expressed frustration with the lack of initiatives to address environmental concerns, especially considering her own efforts to be sustainable and involve her team in eco-friendly practices.

Eilish’s mother, Maggie Baird, mentioned seeking advice from Coldplay’s Chris Martin, who connected them with REVERB, an organization that helps artists become more environmentally friendly. Baird praised Universal Music Group for making strides toward environmental improvement, mentioning sustainability summits held by the company. She expressed relief that Universal is starting to take action and provide guidance on sustainability, signaling a positive shift in the industry towards greater environmental consciousness.

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