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Donald Trump is currently running a unique general election campaign, engaging in activities such as hawking Bibles, attacking judges, and showcasing his success in the stock market. Despite traveling to New York to attend a police officer’s wake and highlighting the crime under President Joe Biden’s administration, Trump’s campaign lacks a traditional focus on addressing his biggest vulnerabilities as he seeks a return to the White House. In contrast, Biden is engaging in a more traditional campaign strategy, working to rebuild his coalition and emphasize policy differences with Trump.

Biden has been actively campaigning in swing states, targeting key demographics such as Black voters, women voters, and younger voters. He is working to highlight his policy successes, such as the bipartisan infrastructure bill, but faces challenges in convincing voters that they are benefiting from the improving economy. The president and his team have also been aggressive in attacking Trump, using a mocking tone in an attempt to undermine his opponent and gain an early advantage in the campaign.

Trump’s campaign strategy appears to be a mix of legal defense in various cases and photo ops intended to generate attention. Despite the lack of traditional campaigning tactics, Trump plans to ramp up rallies as the election draws closer and will be focusing on key swing states like Michigan, where he plans to emphasize immigration issues. The former president’s campaign has also seen more professionalism compared to his 2016 bid, but it remains to be seen if these efforts will lead to a successful return to the Oval Office.

Trump’s legal troubles, including an upcoming criminal trial related to a hush money payment, may impact his campaign as he faces court appearances scheduled four days a week starting in April. His aggressive attacks on judges and court staff are seen as efforts to distract from his legal problems and portray himself as a victim of persecution. The former president’s takeover of the Republican National Committee has also raised concerns about the party’s alignment with his false claims of voter fraud.

Biden’s recent joint event with former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama signifies a united front within the Democratic Party to rally support for the president in the upcoming election. However, protests outside the event and interruptions inside suggest challenges in maintaining support among progressive voters and Arab Americans, particularly in battleground states like Michigan. While Trump’s distractions from the election may provide an opening for Biden to gain an early advantage, both candidates face significant challenges as they head towards a tightly contested race in November.

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