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The epicenter of the presidential campaign shifted to New York as the incumbent president, along with former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, attended a high-profile, celebrity-studded fund-raiser in Manhattan, raising $25 million. Former President Donald J. Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, attended a wake for a New York City officer who was killed earlier in the week on Long Island. These events highlighted the contrasting styles of the two campaigns, with Biden enjoying strong establishment support while Trump stood largely alone.

The fund-raiser in New York City was one of the largest crowds President Biden has appeared before since his State of the Union address earlier in the month. The event showcased Democratic unity and financial support, setting a record for a single political event. On the other hand, Trump’s appearance at a funeral home on Long Island, while not an official campaign stop, allowed his team to draw a sharp contrast with Biden, highlighting his tough-on-crime message amidst his own legal battles.

Mr. Biden’s campaign with the force of the Democratic establishment behind him stood in contrast to Mr. Trump’s more solitary stance. While many Republicans in Congress have endorsed Trump, he faces some opposition from within his party. Meanwhile, Biden faces opposition from a vocal minority of progressives who criticize his stance on issues like the conflict in Gaza. This was highlighted by a group of protesters at the fund-raiser demanding a cease-fire.

Both campaigns used the events in New York to push their respective messages. Biden, Obama, and Clinton were surrounded by glitz and celebrity endorsements, while Trump emphasized law and order and support for law enforcement officers. Biden has faced criticism for his handling of the Gaza conflict, with protesters expressing frustration with what they see as insufficient action. The former presidents and Trump both made public appearances to rally their supporters and make their case to the public.

The contrasting events in New York underscored the central dynamics of the race, with Biden enjoying broad support from the Democratic establishment, while Trump faces opposition from some within his party. Both candidates are playing to their bases and seeking to draw a sharp contrast with their opponent. Biden’s cash advantage and establishment support contrast with Trump’s focus on law and order and tough-on-crime message.

While the events in New York highlighted the different strategies and messages of the two campaigns, the overall impact on the race remains to be seen. Biden’s fundraising success and celebrity endorsements demonstrate his broad support within the party, while Trump’s focus on law and order appeals to his base of supporters. The clash between the two campaigns will likely continue to define the general election as they seek to rally their supporters and win over undecided voters.

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