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Sports Betting Dime provides exclusive sports betting commercial content to Newsweek, including real-time odds, picks, analysis and premier sportsbook offers to help sports fans get in on the action. They emphasize wagering responsibly and offer special bonus codes for BetMGM in North Carolina, such as NEWSWEEK1500 for a $1500 first bet. Customers can wager up to $1,500 with this code and receive a bonus refund if the bet loses. This offer is specific to North Carolina residents and expires in 7 days.

In preparation for March Madness, users can place bets using the BetMGM bonus code NEWSWEEK1500 to make aggressive wagers on NCAA Tournament games. This code allows users to bet up to $1,500 on any NCAAB game, with bonus refunds available for losing wagers that can be applied to bets on the Sweet 16. Newsweek provides picks for specific matchups, such as Duke vs. James Madison and Baylor vs. Clemson, along with other games like Colorado vs. Marquette and Utah State vs. Purdue. Users can find more bonuses for the NCAA Tournament in the promotions tab, including an odds boost pack.

For those in North Carolina, a separate bonus code, NEWSNC, offers a $150 bonus after a $5 bet on any NCAAB game. This bonus can be used on teams like Duke, NC State, and UNC, with the Tar Heels being favorites for a run to the Final Four. Customers can sign up with the BetMGM NC bonus code NEWNC to take advantage of this offer. Newsweek discloses that they may earn an affiliate commission if users sign up through the links provided in the article, and sports betting operators have no influence over newsroom coverage.

Sports Betting Dime and Newsweek aim to challenge conventional wisdom and find connections in the search for common ground. By providing exclusive sports betting content, they offer fans the opportunity to engage with their favorite sports in new and exciting ways. Whether it’s placing large wagers on March Madness games, taking advantage of bonus codes for BetMGM, or getting expert picks for NCAA Tournament matchups, users can dive into the world of sports betting with guidance and special offers provided by these platforms.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Sports Betting Dime and Newsweek offers sports fans a unique perspective on sports betting through real-time odds, picks, analysis, and premier sportsbook offers. By promoting responsible wagering and providing exclusive bonus codes for BetMGM in North Carolina, users can engage with sports betting in a safe and regulated manner. With an emphasis on March Madness and the NCAA Tournament, users can make aggressive bets with the BetMGM bonus code NEWSWEEK1500 and take advantage of bonus refunds for losing wagers. Additionally, customers in North Carolina can benefit from a separate bonus code, NEWSNC, for a $150 bonus after a $5 bet on NCAAB games, tapping into the excitement of college basketball.

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