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Taylor Swift’s father, Scott Swift, will not face charges after being accused of assaulting a photographer following a night of celebration with the singer during her Eras Tour in Sydney. The alleged incident occurred in the early hours of February 27, 2024, as they were disembarking from a luxury yacht. An investigation was launched by the North Shore Police Command in Sydney, Australia, but New South Wales Police have confirmed that no further action will be taken. The photographer, Ben McDonald, claimed that Scott attacked him unprovoked, while Swift’s representatives stated that he was protecting her from aggressive individuals.

McDonald alleged that after Swift got off the boat and walked towards security guards who were pushing umbrellas in their faces, Scott charged at him. In response to the allegations, Swift’s rep stated that two individuals were behaving aggressively towards Taylor, grabbing at her security personnel and threatening a female staff member. In an audio clip obtained by a news outlet, Scott and a security guard can be heard telling McDonald not to touch the umbrella that Swift was trying to hide under as they left the yacht. Photos from the night show Scott holding onto his daughter’s hand as she shields herself from the cameras.

Scott accompanied Taylor for much of her sold-out Eras Tour, and days before the alleged altercation, he had been praised by fans for handing out sandwiches during one of her concerts. He was seen giving out sandwiches and fruits to fans during the concert, with one fan capturing the moment on TikTok. In the video, Scott can be seen holding a tray full of food and encouraging fans to help themselves. He even placed a light on the tray to make it easier for people to see the selection of sandwiches. Taylor recently took a break in the Bahamas with her partner after a weekend in Los Angeles and will resume her Eras Tour shortly.

The incident involving Scott Swift and the photographer occurred after Taylor’s last show in Australia during her Eras Tour. Scott had been actively involved in the tour, even participating in fan interactions by giving out sandwiches to concertgoers during one of the shows. While the allegations against him were serious, New South Wales Police have determined that no further action will be taken in the matter. Taylor has continued to enjoy some downtime with her partner before resuming her busy tour schedule.

The altercation between Scott Swift and the photographer Ben McDonald took place at a ferry wharf in Sydney during the early hours of the morning. McDonald claimed that Scott attacked him without provocation, while Swift’s representatives stated that he was simply protecting his daughter from aggressive individuals. Despite the initial investigation by the North Shore Police Command, no charges will be brought against Scott in connection with the incident. Taylor has since continued her Eras Tour after taking a break and spending time with her partner.

Swift’s father, Scott, has been by her side throughout much of her Eras Tour, garnering praise from fans for his involvement and interactions with concert attendees. His actions during the tour, including handing out sandwiches to fans, were well-received by those in attendance. Despite the incident with the photographer, Scott has remained a supportive presence in Taylor’s life and career. Taylor herself has taken some time off to relax and recharge before returning to her busy tour schedule. The allegations against Scott did not result in any legal action, and it appears that the incident will not have a lasting impact on Taylor’s ongoing tour.

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