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Alex Benigno, also known as the “Atlanta Magnet Man,” has taken it upon himself to tackle the issue of sharp metal debris on city streets causing flat tires. Frustrated with constantly getting flat tires, he decided to attach heavy-duty magnets to his bike trailer to pick up screws and other metal bits from the roads. Benigno has spent $1,000 on magnets and also uses a broom to help catch street debris as he rides around the city on his bike. His mission started a year ago, and he has been dedicated to cleaning up the streets of Atlanta ever since.

Benigno first noticed a bag of screws on the ground of a parking lot, and when no one came to clean it up, he took matters into his own hands. He created an Instagram page to document the metal bits he collects, gaining a growing fan base who help point out areas in Atlanta that need his attention. He has collected around 410 pounds of junk from the streets, including a bullet and construction crane, which he gave to a local scrap metal artist. His goal is to make the streets safer for fellow citizens by preventing flat tires caused by sharp metal debris.

Through his Instagram page, Benigno shares videos of himself picking up screws and nails off the streets and dumping them into a box. He also posts updates on his progress and interacts with his followers, expressing his desire to help his community and make a positive impact. His dedication to street cleaning has earned him the admiration of many, with people appreciating his efforts to keep the city’s roads free from tire-popping debris. Benigno’s work is not just about preventing flat tires but also about creating a safer environment for everyone who uses the streets of Atlanta.

Beyond just collecting screws and nails, Benigno is now looking to purchase a prototype bike lane sweeper that can pick up other types of debris, such as glass, gravel, and other tire-popping materials that are not magnetic. He recognizes that the issue of sharp debris on the streets is not limited to Atlanta and is a problem faced in many other cities as well. By expanding his efforts to clean up different types of debris, he hopes to have an even greater impact on the safety and well-being of his community. Benigno’s commitment to making a positive difference in his city is evident in his tireless efforts to keep the streets clean and safe for everyone.

Despite facing challenges and the daunting task of cleaning up the streets of Atlanta, Benigno remains dedicated to his mission. He understands the frustrations of dealing with flat tires caused by sharp debris and wants to alleviate that problem for his fellow citizens. By taking proactive steps to address the issue and involving the community through his social media platform, he is making a significant impact on the cleanliness and safety of the city’s streets. Benigno’s work as the “Atlanta Magnet Man” serves as an inspiration to others to take ownership of their environment and make a positive change in their communities.

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