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Usher has recently revealed that he was exposed to some shocking and wild behavior when he lived at rapper Diddy’s mansion in New York at the age of 14. This revelation came to light after Homeland Security agents raided Diddy’s mansions in Los Angeles and Miami as part of an ongoing sex trafficking investigation. Usher’s comments about his time living with Diddy were shared in a 2016 interview on The Howard Stern Show, where he described witnessing some unusual and confusing things that he did not fully understand at the time. He admitted that the experience was pretty wild and crazy and that he would not want his children to go through the same thing.

In the interview, Usher mentioned that record executive LA Reid was the one who suggested he move in with Diddy to experience a different lifestyle. When asked if Diddy’s place was full of constant partying and orgies, Usher did not deny it, saying that he saw some things that he could not fully comprehend. He also mentioned that Diddy introduced him to a different side of the industry, specifically involving sex. Despite being exposed to these experiences at a young age, Usher expressed that he would not want his children to be a part of such an environment.

Following the Homeland Security raids on Diddy’s mansions, the rapper was spotted at a Miami airport, where he was questioned by Customs agents. There were suspicions that Diddy had attempted to flee the country, as his private jet was tracked flying to Antigua. Diddy’s lawyers later condemned the raid, stating that excessive force was used during the operation and that the authorities behaved hostilely towards Diddy, his children, and his employees. This incident came shortly after Diddy’s ex-girlfriend Cassie accused him of rape and sexual abuse in a lawsuit, leading to a settlement between the two parties.

Since Cassie’s accusations, multiple individuals have come forward with similar allegations against Diddy. It is uncertain whether these allegations are connected to the ongoing sex trafficking investigation or if they are separate issues. The controversy surrounding Diddy and the recent raids on his properties have raised questions about his involvement in illicit activities and his treatment of women. The situation continues to develop as further details emerge from the investigation and potential legal proceedings.

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