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Three individuals in Arizona were arrested for a scheme involving renting out a dead person’s home and selling two of their cars. The suspects, Kevin Andrew Strawbridge, Jami Demaria, and Cheyenne Keller, were apprehended after a month-long investigation by the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office. Authorities discovered that Strawbridge and Demaria had unlawfully rented the deceased person’s home and stolen three vehicles, selling two of them. Keller had notarized their signatures on the vehicles’ titles and was involved in a separate criminal case related to burglary and theft.

During the investigation, deputies executed five search warrants and recovered two stolen vehicles, one unreported stolen vehicle, stolen property from other victims, drugs, drug paraphernalia, and firearms. The suspects were charged with felonies for conspiracy and fraudulent schemes. Strawbridge faced additional charges for burglary, possession of stolen property, and theft of means of transportation. Demaria faced charges for burglary and trafficking of stolen property, while Keller was charged with drug possession and illegally possessing firearms.

The investigation revealed that the suspects had also burglarized another deceased person’s home in the area, adding to the list of charges against them. The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office stated that there were ongoing investigations and could not be reached for immediate comment. The case highlighted the severity of the crimes committed by the suspects, as they not only rented out a dead person’s home but also stole vehicles, property, and engaged in other criminal activities.

The charges against the suspects included conspiracy, fraudulent schemes, burglary, possession of stolen property, theft of means of transportation, trafficking of stolen property, drug possession, and possession of firearms. The case also shed light on the criminal activities involving notarization of fraudulent documents and the illegal renting of deceased persons’ properties. The suspects were found in possession of stolen goods, drugs, and firearms, indicating a pattern of criminal behavior.

The involvement of Keller in multiple criminal cases, including burglary while a military member was deployed, added to the complexity and severity of the crimes committed by the suspects. The investigation into the scheme to rent out a dead person’s home and sell their vehicles showcased the diligent efforts of law enforcement in uncovering criminal activities in the community. The arrests of Strawbridge, Demaria, and Keller served as a reminder of the consequences of engaging in illegal activities and exploiting the deceased for personal gain.

Overall, the case illuminated the importance of thorough investigations by law enforcement agencies to uncover criminal schemes and bring the perpetrators to justice. The charges filed against the suspects reflected the seriousness of their actions and the impact of their crimes on the victims and their families. The ongoing investigation by the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office indicated a commitment to ensuring that all individuals involved in the scheme face appropriate consequences for their actions.

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