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Anna Corbett, the wife of American detainee Ryan Corbett in Afghanistan, is deeply concerned about her husband’s well-being and is pleading for the opportunity to speak to President Joe Biden about the urgency of his case. Ryan Corbett has been held by the Taliban since August 2022 and recently made a distressing call to his family, expressing a loss of hope and a decline in both physical and mental health over almost 600 days of detention. This marked a change from previous calls, leading to heightened concerns for his family.

The Corbett family, who had lived in Afghanistan for over a decade before the Taliban takeover, has been working in non-governmental organizations. Following the collapse of the Afghan government in 2021, they were evacuated, but Ryan returned twice in 2022 and was subsequently detained by the Taliban on his second trip. Despite not being charged with any crimes, Ryan has been declared wrongfully detained by the US State Department, prompting Anna to seek more action from the US government to pressure the Taliban for his release.

While officials insist that meeting with the president is not necessary for progress on such cases, Anna Corbett is determined to advocate for her husband directly to President Biden. She believes Ryan has done nothing wrong and urgently needs to be brought back home due to his deteriorating health and mental state. State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller expressed empathy for the family’s suffering and assured that efforts are being made daily to secure Ryan’s release, including pressing the Taliban representatives for immediate and unconditional release.

The US government has identified the wrongful detention of Ryan Corbett and other Americans in Afghanistan as a top priority, using diplomatic pressure to address the issue. With ongoing efforts to engage the Taliban and address the obstacles posed by these detentions, officials are committed to bringing Ryan and other wrongfully detained individuals home. Anna Corbett’s plea for more action reflects the deep distress faced by families of those detained overseas and the urgent need for resolution in cases like Ryan’s.

Despite the challenges and uncertainty surrounding Ryan Corbett’s detention, the US government remains steadfast in its commitment to bringing him home. While the family undergoes immense suffering, efforts are ongoing to use every possible means to secure his release and address the issues presented by wrongful detentions in Afghanistan. The gravity of the situation and the impact on loved ones have prompted a continued push for resolutions that prioritize the safe return of Americans in detention. Anna Corbett’s advocacy underscores the emotional toll faced by families in such circumstances and the need for urgent action to reunite them with their loved ones.

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