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Since 2021, the NSW Building Commission, under the leadership of David Chandler, has issued nearly 100 building rectification orders across the state. These orders have targeted a variety of defects in residential developments, ranging from minor issues such as hollow fire doors to more serious problems like faulty waterproofing and slab damage. As Sydney continues to grapple with a housing crisis and rapid development, it is crucial for these defects to be addressed promptly to ensure the safety and quality of new buildings.

This year alone, dozens of developers have received orders to rectify defects in their buildings. The Building Commission’s proactive approach in identifying and addressing these issues is essential in maintaining the integrity of new constructions and ensuring the safety of residents. By mapping out each location with a summary of the defects, the Herald is providing valuable information to the public about the state of building developments in Sydney. Readers can access the commission’s full orders by clicking on the provided links, allowing for greater transparency and accountability in the rectification process.

The prevalence of building defects in Sydney highlights the importance of stringent regulation and oversight in the construction industry. With the housing crisis driving increased demand for new developments, it is crucial for developers to adhere to building standards and regulations to prevent defects from occurring. The Building Commission’s efforts in identifying and addressing these issues demonstrate a commitment to upholding quality and safety in the construction sector.

Developers who receive rectification orders must take immediate action to address the identified defects in their buildings. Failure to do so not only poses risks to residents but also reflects poorly on the developer’s commitment to quality and safety. By holding developers accountable for rectifying defects, the Building Commission is sending a clear message that substandard construction practices will not be tolerated in New South Wales.

The mapping of building defects by the Herald serves as a valuable resource for residents and potential buyers, allowing them to make informed decisions about the safety and quality of buildings in Sydney. By providing detailed information about the types of defects identified in each location, readers can better understand the challenges facing the construction industry and the importance of rigorous building standards. This transparency helps to build trust between developers, regulators, and the public, creating a more accountable and responsible construction sector.

As development continues to address Sydney’s housing crisis, it is essential for regulators, developers, and residents to work together to ensure that new buildings meet high standards of quality and safety. The Building Commission’s ongoing efforts to identify and rectify building defects play a crucial role in safeguarding the integrity of new constructions and protecting the well-being of residents. By monitoring and reporting on these efforts, media outlets like the Herald contribute to greater transparency and accountability in the construction industry, ultimately benefiting all stakeholders involved.

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