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In the world of technology, there were five key developments this week that could impact your business.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang predicts that artificial general intelligence (AGI) will be a reality within the next five years. AGI, a form of strong AI, will have human-level intelligence, autonomy, and decision-making capabilities. Huang also mentioned the issue of AI hallucinations and the importance of resolving them by comparing AI responses to known truths. AGI could revolutionize industries, leading to machines that think and act like humans.

AI is predicted to create half a billion new jobs by 2033, according to research firm Gartner. Instead of eliminating jobs, AI will reorient employees in their daily tasks, allowing them more time for productivity. Companies are increasing their hiring rates to integrate AI, with a significant percentage planning to hire freelancers and professionals of all types due to generative AI.

The latest Windows 11 March update has caused issues for some devices, resulting in sluggish system boots and the blue screen of death (BSoD). Business owners are advised to be cautious with this update and consult with their IT firm before installing it to avoid potential disruptions.

Gmail users who send at least 5000 emails per day have 14 days to authenticate their emails or risk being blocked from recipient inboxes. Google is ramping up the rejection of non-compliant traffic to reduce spam and keep email more secure. This move emphasizes the importance of using reliable email campaign platforms to ensure messages are delivered successfully.

Amazon has introduced a new AI feature that allows sellers to generate product listings from their existing websites. The tool will enhance product descriptions and include the URL to the seller’s website, providing a seamless integration for merchants. Over 100,000 sellers are already utilizing this AI tool to improve their product listings and save time.

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