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The Mega Millions jackpot grew to over $1 billion for the Tuesday drawing following no winner in the previous Friday drawing, as reported by the lottery. This marks the first time the jackpot has surpassed $1 billion in seven months and only the sixth time in less than six years. The winning numbers for the Friday drawing were 3, 8, 31, 35, 44, and Mega Ball 16. While there was no jackpot winner, five tickets matched five of the numbers to win $1 million each, and one player in Virginia won $3 million by activating the Megaplier.

If the jackpot is won in the upcoming Tuesday drawing, it would be the fifth largest prize in Mega Millions history. The largest jackpot ever won was $1.602 billion in August 2023 by a ticket purchased in Neptune Beach, Florida. Since December 2023, when a $394 million prize was won by two players in California, there has not been a Mega Millions jackpot winner. All five of Mega Millions’ largest jackpots have exceeded $1 billion.

Mega Millions drawings are held on Tuesdays and Fridays at 11 p.m. ET. The excitement around the massive jackpot and the potential to win over $1 billion have likely contributed to the increased interest in the lottery game. The next drawing on Tuesday is anticipated to draw significant attention as players hope to become the next Mega Millions jackpot winner and secure a life-changing prize.

The anticipation and excitement around a jackpot surpassing $1 billion in the Mega Millions game has garnered widespread attention and increased participation in the lottery draws. With five tickets winning $1 million each and one player winning $3 million, there is a sense of possibility and hope among players that they could be the next lucky winner. The historical significance of the upcoming jackpot adds to the allure of playing and potentially winning a substantial prize.

The Mega Millions jackpot reaching over $1 billion for the upcoming Tuesday drawing highlights the popularity and appeal of the lottery game. Despite not having a jackpot winner in recent months, the chances of winning a significant prize continue to attract players to participate in the drawings. The excitement surrounding the potential jackpot winner and the life-changing amount of money at stake have generated considerable interest and anticipation leading up to the next Mega Millions drawing, where one fortunate player could become a millionaire or even a billionaire.

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