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A group of self-described anti-war activists in Chicago cheered after learning that Iran had launched hundreds of drones and missiles at Israel in response to an alleged airstrike that killed a senior Iranian official in Syria. The activists were gathered in Chicago when news of the attack on Israel was announced. The man speaking to the group informed them that Iran had sent drones and missiles to specific targets in Israel, and there were reports of drones being fired on Israel from Yemen and Iraq as well. The activists reacted with cheers and called for action against the U.S. potentially getting involved to defend Israel.

Israel had been preparing for a possible retaliatory strike by Iran and claimed that roughly 99% of the Iranian weapons fired at them had been intercepted by their defense systems and military allies in the region. President Biden had warned of a potential attack by Iran on Israel over the weekend and urged Iran not to do so. Despite his warnings, Iran proceeded with the attack, leading some Republicans to blame his perceived weakness for the incident.

The man speaking to the group of activists called for immediate action, stating that the U.S. would likely retaliate against Iran and that the anti-war movement and Palestine support coalitions needed to be prepared to prevent the escalation of war with Iran. The activists booed at the thought of the U.S. defending Israel and chanted “Hands off Iran!” in support of the country. The speaker emphasized the importance of being ready to take to the streets to protest against any U.S. involvement in expanding the conflict with Iran.

Videos captured the activists’ reactions to the news of Iran’s attack on Israel, with the group expressing support for Iran and opposition to U.S. intervention. The speaker at the event smiled as the crowd chanted in support of Iran and against U.S. involvement in the conflict. The activists’ strong stance against war and anti-U.S. intervention in the region were evident in their reactions to the news of the attack.

Iran’s attack on Israel was seen as a response to the airstrike in Syria that killed a senior Iranian official. The attack involved over 300 missiles and drones being launched at Israeli targets, in addition to drones reportedly being fired on Israel from Yemen and Iraq. Israel’s defense systems intercepted a large majority of the incoming weapons, but the incident raised concerns about the potential for further escalation in the region. The activists in Chicago reacted with cheers, chants, and calls for action, emphasizing their opposition to U.S. involvement in any potential conflict with Iran.

Despite President Biden’s warnings to Iran not to attack Israel, the Islamic Republic proceeded with the brazen attempt, leading to calls for action from anti-war activists and concerns about U.S. involvement in the conflict. The activists in Chicago expressed their support for Iran and opposition to any U.S. intervention, highlighting the complex dynamics at play in the region and the varying responses to the escalating tensions between Iran and Israel. The incident underscored the challenges of managing conflicts in the Middle East and the need for diplomacy and concerted efforts to prevent further escalation and violence in the region.

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