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Tim York, the Chief Growth Officer of FORVIS, discusses the importance of effective change management in today’s fast-paced business environment. He shares a story about a tech company that struggled with internal competition among salespeople, leading to a decade-long struggle to unify the organization after a change in leadership. York emphasizes the need for companies to have a structured approach to navigating change, especially in cases of mergers, acquisitions, and workforce transformations.

York outlines a four-pronged approach to change management, starting with planning with purpose. This involves building a business case for the change and focusing on the impact on stakeholders and end users. The next step is careful design, where collaboration is key to creating a robust plan for executing the change. York also emphasizes the importance of piloting the plan to test for any issues and gain buy-in from early adopters. Deployment, the final step, requires a clear roadmap with measurable milestones, a solid training plan, strategic communications, and ongoing support for employees.

York discusses the value of having a dedicated change management officer within an organization, such as Jeff Outten leading the team at FORVIS. However, he acknowledges that not every organization may have the resources to hire someone for that role. In such cases, York advises making change management a priority for senior leadership to accelerate adoption and build a culture of positive change within the organization. He highlights the benefits of purposeful change management, including enhanced employee experiences, improved client retention, and a more engaged workforce.

York’s insights are particularly relevant in today’s business landscape, where change is inevitable and companies need to adapt quickly to stay competitive. By following a structured approach to change management, organizations can navigate uncertainty more effectively, retain employee engagement, and achieve successful outcomes. York’s experience and expertise in guiding organizations through change serve as a valuable resource for companies looking to thrive in an ever-evolving business environment.

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