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Kary Oberbrunner, CEO of Igniting Souls, focuses on publishing, protecting, and promoting Intellectual Property (IP) to generate 18 streams of income. IP is a company’s most valuable asset, and safeguarding it has become faster, cheaper, and easier with the help of smart contracts and blockchain technology.

Businesses can monetize their IP in various ways beyond just lawsuits and infringement events. These include creating softcover and hardcover books, e-books, audiobooks, training programs, coaching and consulting services, certifications, seminars, webinars, keynote speeches, podcasts, vlogs, blogs, memberships, collaborations, joint ventures, and more.

New offerings can also stem from IP, such as products, services, spin-offs, and white-label versions. Monetization strategies like access fees, leasing agreements, franchising, sales, royalties, securitization, and shares can help generate passive income and raise capital. IP can even be used to bump up business exit prices, attract investors, and as collateral for securing loans.

Legal and financial strategies involving IP also include utilizing it in lawsuits for damages, attracting investors, and using it as collateral for financing. Additionally, donating IP to non-profit organizations or educational institutions can support a cause and offer tax benefits. Taking IP seriously and protecting it can lead to increased promotion and recognition of its value.

Forbes Business Council serves as a prominent growth and networking organization for business owners and leaders. Consideration for membership in the council is based on specific qualifications for those interested in joining. By prioritizing the protection and promotion of their IP, business owners can optimize their revenue potential and gain recognition for their valuable ideas.

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