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The phrase “Who downstairs cuttin a well done steak??” is a light-hearted and informal question asking who is cooking a well-done steak. The use of slang and informal language adds a playful tone to the question, suggesting that the person asking it is curious about who is preparing a steak to their liking. The question also implies a sense of anticipation or excitement, as if the speaker is eager to enjoy a well-done steak that is being cooked downstairs.

The mention of a well-done steak in the question also reveals the speaker’s personal preference for how they like their steak cooked. In culinary terms, a well-done steak is one that has been cooked thoroughly, resulting in a fully cooked piece of meat with little to no pinkness inside. This preference for a well-done steak may vary among individuals, as some may prefer their steak cooked to other levels of doneness, such as medium or medium-rare. The question serves as a way for the speaker to confirm who is preparing the steak to their particular liking.

The use of the word “downstairs” in the question suggests that the steak is being cooked in a separate location from where the speaker is currently located. This detail adds a sense of distance or separation between the speaker and the person cooking the steak, creating a sense of mystery or intrigue. The question may be posed in a casual or conversational setting, such as in a household where multiple people are present and one person is cooking in the kitchen while others are elsewhere in the house.

Overall, the question “Who downstairs cuttin a well done steak??” conveys a sense of curiosity, anticipation, and personal preference. The informal language and playful tone of the question suggest that the speaker is interested in finding out who is preparing a well-done steak, possibly because they are looking forward to enjoying it. The mention of the specific cooking preference for a well-done steak adds a personal touch to the question, revealing the speaker’s individual taste in how they like their steak cooked.

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