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Lizzie Deignan is currently recovering from a heavy crash at the Tour of Flanders last month, suffering a broken arm. With only three months until the 2024 Paris Olympics, Deignan is learning to push through levels of pain to get back on her bike as quickly as possible. She is working on increasing mobility and strength in her arm, and finding her limits when it comes to pain management.

Deignan’s main concern is making it onto the Olympic team, as she has missed several races she was aiming to compete in due to her injury. Selection for the Olympics is more competitive than ever, and Deignan is working hard to get herself back in contention. Despite the setbacks, Deignan remains positive and determined to compete in the upcoming events, including the Women’s Tour of Britain in June.

Throughout her career, Deignan has achieved remarkable success, including a silver medal at the London 2012 Olympics and a World Championship gold three years later. She has continued to compete at a high level, even after giving birth to two children. With the support of her husband and former professional cyclist, Philip Deignan, she is working diligently to regain her fitness and strength following her injury.

Deignan’s experience with pregnancy has helped her understand the process of getting back into shape after a physical setback. She acknowledges that breaking a bone is new territory for her, but she is relying on her husband’s expertise and guidance to navigate through the recovery process. Deignan’s determination, patience, and perseverance will play a crucial role in her journey back to competitive cycling and achieving her goal of participating in the Olympics.

As the excitement builds for the 2024 Paris Olympics, Deignan is focused on her recovery and training to be in peak condition for the upcoming events. She has not let her injury deter her from pursuing her dreams and is working hard to overcome the setbacks she has faced. With the support of her family and her own determination, Deignan is determined to push through the pain and challenges in order to achieve success on the cycling circuit.

Fans of Deignan and cycling can look forward to seeing her in action once again, as she aims to compete in the Women’s Tour of Britain and secure her place on the Olympic team. Her resilience and dedication to the sport are inspiring, and her journey back from injury will be one to watch as she works towards her goal of competing at the highest level. Viewers can catch all the action of the Paris 2024 Olympics on discovery+, the exclusive streaming platform for the Games this summer.

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