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Fox News First covers a range of news stories, including a ship strike that triggered a bridge collapse in Baltimore, leading to cars plummeting 185 feet into the water. Legal experts discuss the potential legal issues surrounding the high fee that former President Trump is charging for public appearances. Police reveal bizarre findings in the mansion of an abusive mommy blogger accomplice. Rapper Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ homes are raided by Homeland Security, and an unlikely alliance forms among prominent royals amid Kate’s cancer struggle.

In the realm of politics, a left-wing activist with ties to a notorious antisemite has visited the Biden White House multiple times. The NYC Council is seeking to allow non-citizens to vote in local elections after a previous law was struck down. Black lawmakers reject the Democrat frontrunner in a tight Senate race due to the candidate’s use of a racial slur. Mexico challenges a Texas immigration law in court, arguing that it threatens its “sovereign” rights.

In media news, there is a rebellion within Ronna McDaniel meltdown, marking the latest news outlet facing a revolt from liberal staff. Christine Blasey Ford recounts her chaotic and bitter experience surrounding accusing Kavanaugh, celebrities read Trump indictments on an MSNBC podcast, and the hosts of ‘The View’ express regret for falling down a rabbit hole regarding Kate Middleton after her cancer revelation.

Opinion pieces cover a range of topics, including Ronna McDaniel’s hire by NBC, the support provided to illegal immigrants compared to military personnel, efforts to put Trump behind bars before the election, and the impact of Trump’s legal victories. In other news, ISIS-K recruits with deadly attacks, Prince William forms a bond with his stepmother amid family health struggles, the benefits of cold therapy are questioned, and a pair of bobcat kittens explore their new environment in New Orleans.

The newsletter also includes weather updates, an American culture quiz, and videos discussing Letitia James eating her words, the treatment of Trump in New York, and the disappointment of left-leaning audiences regarding Trump’s legal matters. Links are provided for readers to follow Fox News on social media, sign up for various newsletters, download the Fox News app, and watch Fox News online. The newsletter concludes with a thank you message and a reminder to look out for the next edition.

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