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In the midst of filming the final season of the hit Netflix series “You,” actor Penn Badgley was spotted in character as serial killer Joe Goldberg in New York City. He was seen wearing a black peacoat and navy blue slacks, reminiscent of his former character on “Gossip Girl,” Dan Humphrey. Netflix confirmed that filming for the fifth and final season had officially begun, signaling the end of Joe Goldberg’s story.

In the upcoming season, Joe will find himself facing his in-laws, played by Griffin Matthews, Anna Camp, and Madeline Brewer. Griffin Matthews will portray Kate’s brother, Teddy Lockwood, while Anna Camp takes on the roles of Reagan and Maddie Lockwood, Joe’s twin sisters-in-law. Madeline Brewer will play Bronte, an enigmatic playwright working at Joe’s new bookstore. Michael Foley and Justin W Lo will take over as co-showrunners.

During the Brazilian fan convention TUDUM in June 2023, Netflix released a teaser for season 5 of “You,” featuring Penn Badgley addressing the camera directly. The teaser hinted at Joe facing his past as various characters from previous seasons flash across the screen. The teaser left fans wondering who Joe will come up against as he returns to New York and ties up loose ends from his dark past.

In a series of images released from the set, Badgley’s character Joe is shown embodying a mysterious and brooding vibe reminiscent of his former character on “Gossip Girl.” Filming scenes around Bleecker St. Station, Joe appeared to be deep in thought and possibly on the lookout for his next target. The images hint at the dark and suspenseful tone of the final season of the series.

As the final season of “You” unfolds, fans can expect to see Joe Goldberg’s story come to a dramatic and intense conclusion. With the focus on Joe facing his in-laws and tying up loose ends from his past, the suspense and intrigue of the series are sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. With Badgley’s portrayal of the complex and dangerous character of Joe, the final season promises to deliver a thrilling and satisfying conclusion to the hit Netflix series.

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