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WWE has made a bold move by booking Drew McIntyre in a world title match at WrestleMania 40, despite his contract with the company expiring shortly after the event. McIntyre, who has become one of the hottest stars in WWE at the moment, is set to challenge Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship. While the expectation within the company is that McIntyre will re-sign, the situation is far from guaranteed.

McIntyre has solidified himself as one of the top heels on Monday Night Raw and is currently involved in major feuds with both CM Punk and Seth Rollins. His character has helped reignite his career after a stagnant babyface run, and the viewership of his recent promo segment on Raw is a testament to his popularity. With top-level heels lacking in WWE, it would be a mistake for the company to let McIntyre walk away.

The saga of McIntyre’s next WWE contract has been ongoing for about a year, with reports indicating that both parties have been at odds over financial terms. McIntyre has been vocal about the sacrifices he has made in his career and has expressed a desire to continue having fun in the business. He has been noncommittal about his WWE future, which opens the door for AEW to potentially sign him in a similar fashion to other marquee free agents they have landed recently.

While McIntyre has proven his worth to WWE, the company has not been quick to re-sign top stars to high-dollar deals. WWE’s approach reflects the belief that the WWE machine is bigger than any individual star, which may lead to the company losing out on top free agents like McIntyre. AEW’s recent signings of Ospreay, Okada, and Mone have highlighted the flexibility and opportunities the company offers to major stars, which could be an attractive option for someone like McIntyre.

Despite the potential threat of AEW, WWE may not be overly concerned about losing McIntyre or other top stars to their competition. Past departures of main eventers like Mone, Edge, Daniel Bryan, and Adam Cole have not significantly impacted WWE’s standing, leading to a belief that the company may not prioritize retaining McIntyre with a high-dollar contract. However, the trend of ex-WWE names moving to AEW could continue, with top stars like Swerve Strickland advocating for McIntyre to join the company.

While McIntyre’s signing may not single-handedly elevate AEW to the next level, it would undoubtedly be a significant loss for a WWE roster that relies heavily on him. As McIntyre’s contract situation continues to unfold, fans and industry insiders will be eagerly watching to see where he ultimately ends up and how his decision could impact the landscape of professional wrestling.

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