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Over the weekend, the author had a busy time with a variety of activities like exercise, yard work, cooking, and catching up on TV shows. Despite being physically exhausted, they found time to play Wordle, a popular online word-guessing game. In today’s game, the hint was “Not mean” and the clue suggested pairing the Wordle with Wordle Bot’s favorite starting word. The answer turned out to be “NICER,” and the author analyzed their guessing game using Wordle Bot’s insights. They ended up getting one point for guessing the word in three tries, but were outdone by the Bot’s two-guess win.

In the competitive Wordle scoring system, guessing in 1, 2, or 3 tries earns points, while guessing in 4, 5, or 6 tries results in zero or negative points. The author noted the etymology of the word “nicer,” which is the comparative form of the adjective “nice.” The word has evolved from meaning “foolish” or “stupid” in Middle English to its modern sense of “pleasant” or “kind.” The comparative form “nicer” follows standard English grammar rules for forming comparatives of adjectives, indicating a higher degree of the positive quality associated with being nice.

For those looking for hints, clues, and answers for the latest Wordle game, the author shared today’s hint and clue. The Wordle Bot’s guidance is also available for players wanting to analyze their guessing patterns and improve their skills. The author reflected on their Wordle game experience, sharing insights into their guessing strategy and competitive score against the Bot. They also explained the scoring system for competitive Wordle play, outlining how points are awarded based on the number of guesses and the outcome of the game.

Despite the physical exhaustion from a busy weekend, the author found solace in playing Wordle, a word-guessing game that offers a mental challenge and entertainment. They shared details of their recent game, including the hint, clue, and answer, along with an analysis of their gameplay using Wordle Bot’s insights. The author also delved into the etymology of the word “nicer,” tracing its origins from Middle English to Latin and highlighting its evolution in meaning over time. They encouraged readers to check out their blog for daily Wordle and Strands guides, as well as a range of other content on TV shows, streaming guides, movie reviews, and video game coverage.

As the author navigates a busy schedule filled with various activities and commitments, they find time to unwind and engage in a challenging and enjoyable game like Wordle. Despite the physical fatigue from their recent endeavors, the author’s passion for gaming and word puzzles shines through as they share their latest Wordle experience. With a three-day Memorial Day weekend on the horizon, there are opportunities for rest, relaxation, and more Wordle games to come. Stay tuned for more updates, hints, and insights on the popular online word-guessing game and enjoy the mental exercise it provides.

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