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Looking for Tuesday’s Wordle hints, clues and answer? It’s snowing again with fast flurries coming and going. Winter seems stubborn and refuses to budge. Today is Wordle Wednesday, with a special riddle for added challenge. The riddle asks what goes up a chimney down but not down a chimney up. The answer will be revealed in tomorrow’s Wordle guide, so stay tuned. The Wordle for the day is in past tense and the hint given is yellowjackets.

Wordle Bot is used to check daily Wordles, and today the word chosen was “snowy” resulting in a green and a yellow box with 47 words remaining. The strategy involved changing vowels and eventually settled on the word “gaunt,” leading to the final answer of “stung.” This guess earned 1 point. The etymology of the word “stung” traces back to Old English meaning to prick or puncture, with connections to Proto-Indo-European roots indicating pricking, sticking, or piercing.

Winter continues its snowfall, reaching over 90 inches soon. Despite the snowy weather, the gym offers a sunny view after a brief blizzard. The daily Wordle challenge keeps the brain active with added riddles and logic puzzles on Wednesdays. Today’s riddle about a chimney offers a unique challenge, and the answer will be revealed in the next Wordle guide. The completion of the Wordle puzzle involved strategic guesses and deductive reasoning based on the hint given. The word “stung” was chosen as the final answer, earning a point for the completion of the puzzle.

Wordle Bot is a helpful tool in checking Wordles and analyzing the completion of the puzzle. The evolution of the word “stung” from Old English to Modern English reflects a common pattern in the Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family. The word has kept its meaning stable over the centuries referring to being pricked or pierced, often by an insect’s sharp part. Be sure to follow the daily Wordle and Strands guides on the blog for more challenges and solutions, along with other writing content on TV shows, movies, video games, and more.

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