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Looking for hints, clues, and answers to Saturday’s Wordle puzzle? Look no further as Lazy Sunday is coming up, with next Sunday being not only the last day of the month but also Easter. The author expresses a desire to make rabbit pot pies on Easter one year due to the deliciousness of the dish and the irony it brings.

Moving on to the Wordle puzzle, the author provides hints and clues to help solve the puzzle. Today’s hint is “useful when dry, useless when wet” and the clue is that the word starts with a consonant. The answer is revealed later in the article which leads to a discussion of the author’s Wordle analysis.

Checking Wordle Bot daily to see how they did on the puzzle, the author shares their experience with solving the Wordle puzzle. Starting with a guess that resulted in a high word count, they eventually narrowed it down to the correct answer with the help of other guesses. Despite not scoring any points in the competitive aspect of the game, they were able to make some connections between their guesses and the eventual answer.

The article delves into the etymology of the word “towel,” tracing its origins back to Old French and its evolution into the modern English term we use today. The word’s transformation reflects the linguistic influences of Norman French on the English language following the Norman Conquest of England in 1066. Towels have been a household staple for centuries, evolving in materials and use, but maintaining their fundamental purpose of drying or wiping.

In conclusion, the author encourages readers to check out their blog for daily Wordle guides and other writing on various topics such as TV shows, streaming guides, movie reviews, video game coverage, and more. The article offers a mix of Wordle hints and clues, personal analysis of the puzzle-solving process, and a brief discussion on the etymology of the word “towel.” Overall, it provides an engaging and informative read for Wordle enthusiasts.

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