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Guy Raz, a former journalist known for his coverage of foreign affairs, wars, and current events, made the transition to podcasting to focus on deeper, more lasting subjects. His award-winning show How I Built This features in-depth interviews with founders and CEOs of well-known companies to discuss their journeys in building their brands. The show has attracted a broad audience beyond just entrepreneurship and business enthusiasts, tapping into the universal human interest in the stories behind creating things.

Podcast giant Wondery recently launched Wondery Means Business, their largest brand campaign yet, to promote their catalog of business-oriented programming, including How I Built This. The campaign utilized various channels to promote the shows, emphasizing playful designs and business-related acronyms. New content includes a four-episode arc of How I Built This focusing on creator entrepreneurs, such as YouTubers who have transformed their videos into successful businesses.

The new episodes of How I Built This feature guests like Dhar Mann, Rhett & Link, Mark Rober, and Rosanna Pansino, who have leveraged their platforms to create influential media businesses. Wondery’s campaign aims to showcase the engaging business content they have for listeners new and old, emphasizing accessibility to a diverse audience. Head of Marketing Blad Norman stated that the campaign represents a strategic shift to reinforce Wondery as a go-to destination for business content.

Guy Raz, who now considers himself a content creator, works closely with Wondery on How I Built This, as well as his other shows The Great Creators and Wow in the World. He produces six hours of original content each week, with a focus on providing value to his listeners. For Raz, the effort is worth it if listeners feel they benefited from listening to his episodes. How I Built This also recently launched the How I Built This Advice Line, where callers can ask questions of Raz’s former guests, further enhancing listener engagement and interaction.

Listeners can access past episodes of How I Built This, including the new creator-centric episodes released as part of Wondery Means Business, on platforms such as Amazon Music and Wondery+. The show aims to continue providing valuable content to its audience, with a focus on storytelling and insight into the world of entrepreneurship and business. Raz’s partnership with Wondery has allowed him to expand his reach and connect with a wider audience interested in business-related content.

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