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Elizabeth Teckenbrock, a single mother who gained viral attention for sobbing while making a cake for her birthday, has been embroiled in a bitter dispute with her ex-husband Andrew Cormier. In response to Cormier’s claims that he has full custody of their children and that she has past fraud charges, Teckenbrock released a video in which she accused Cormier of being abusive and a member of the Church of Scientology. She alleges that Cormier has been creating TikToks and websites since she left him to tarnish her reputation.

Teckenbrock claims that Cormier was abusive during their marriage and has engaged in a campaign to destroy her life since their separation. She alleges that he pressured her into signing custody papers by promising not to ruin her life, leading to her mental distress and the deletion of her social media accounts. Despite Cormier having custody of their children, she asserts that she still sees them and is actively involved in their lives, hosting birthday parties and putting them to bed until he pulls them away.

The dispute between Teckenbrock and Cormier escalated when Teckenbrock alleged that Cormier has restraining orders against him from other women. She accuses Cormier of trying to destroy her life and reveals that her family and friends advised her to come forward about her ex-husband. Teckenbrock acknowledges that she is not a perfect person or mother and admits to going out with friends after her divorce due to feeling trapped in an abusive marriage.

Teckenbrock claims that a year before leaving Cormier, she experienced extreme trauma that led to psychosis, during which Cormier turned everyone against her. She emphasizes that she has never put her children in any danger and has always prioritized being a dedicated mother. Teckenbrock expresses frustration over receiving death threats and being targeted by Cormier, who she believes is intent on destroying her life. She has taken legal action by posting a cease and desist letter from her attorneys filed against Cormier.

In response to Teckenbrock’s allegations, Cormier denies being a Scientologist and refutes her claims. He states that he will be posting “straight facts” in the coming days to address the accusations made against him. Teckenbrock has admitted to past mistakes, including an arrest for fraud. Her TikTok account, where the original viral video was posted, has been deactivated, but her Instagram account remains active. Additionally, a website has emerged online containing Teckenbrock’s mugshot and arrest history, claiming to be created by fans researching their favorite public figure.

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