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Robert McPherson, also known as “The Drunken Tenor,” performed at the GeekWire Awards in Seattle with a musical number based on the theme of “Land Before Tech.” Singing to the tune of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” McPherson listed a variety of obsolete tech items that have since been replaced by newer innovations. The audience enjoyed reminiscing about these gadgets and technologies from the past, showing how adaptable people are to changing times.

McPherson’s performance included references to various outdated devices such as VHS tapes, Palm Pilots, BlackBerries, and floppy diskettes, all set aflame in the background video. The chorus of the song emphasized the idea of throwing these once-popular items into a fire to signify their obsolescence. The performance was well-received by the audience, who laughed and cheered at each familiar reference, highlighting the nostalgia for a pre-digital age.

As a Grammy winner and star of Seattle Opera’s “A Very Drunken Christmas Carol,” McPherson showcased his musical talents at the awards event. His ability to craft witty and catchy lyrics referencing obsolete tech items was evident in the clever song he performed. By researching outdated technologies and categorizing them to rhyme, McPherson was able to create a parody that connected with the audience and paid homage to the ever-evolving tech landscape.

The lyrics of McPherson’s song touched on a wide range of obsolete technologies, from boomboxes and camcorders to Motorola Razr phones and Adobe Flash plugins. The rapid evolution of technology was highlighted through references to devices that were once cutting-edge but are now considered relics of the past. Despite the constant advancement of tech, the song celebrated the enduring memories associated with these obsolete gadgets.

McPherson’s performance at the GeekWire Awards underscored the theme of adaptability and change in the tech industry. By highlighting the transition from outdated to current technologies, the musical number served as a reminder of how far innovations have come over the years. The audience’s enthusiastic response to the performance reflected a shared appreciation for the evolution of tech and the nostalgia for the devices that paved the way for today’s advancements.

In conclusion, Robert McPherson’s comedic and musically talented performance at the GeekWire Awards captivated the audience with his clever song parody about obsolete tech. By referencing a wide range of outdated devices and technologies, McPherson paid tribute to the ever-changing landscape of innovation and the enduring memories associated with past tech trends. His performance was a humorous and nostalgic look back at the gadgets and geeky must-haves of a bygone era, reminding us of the rapid evolution and adaptability of technology over time.

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