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Jada Pinkett Smith recently showed up in Dubai to support her husband Will Smith’s latest project, attending a screening of his movie Bad Boys: Ride or Die. Pinkett Smith wowed on the red carpet in a black-and-white Iris van Herpen dress, posing for photos alongside Smith’s costars but not appearing with her husband in front of the cameras. She shared photos of her outfit on Instagram, praising the designer for creating the perfect look for a Dubai red carpet event. Smith, on the other hand, was all smiles at the event, wearing a dapper three-piece suit as he celebrated his film alongside costar Martin Lawrence.

The couple, who has been candid about their ups and downs, have put on a united front despite their separation. Pinkett Smith revealed in October 2023 that they had been separated for six years but were still figuring things out. They have been doing “heavy-duty work together” and are trying to figure out what their relationship looks like. Pinkett Smith explained in an interview that they haven’t filed for divorce yet because they are still trying to figure out how to be in partnership and how to present that to others. She noted that by 2016, they were both exhausted from trying to live up to each other’s expectations.

Pinkett Smith was surprised when Smith referred to her as his wife during an incident at the 2022 Oscars when he slapped Chris Rock on stage. She explained that they had not called each other husband and wife in a long time and was worried for him during the incident. Despite the rocky moments in their relationship, including some detailed in her memoir, Pinkett Smith declared in November 2023 that she and Smith are “staying together forever.” She mentioned that one of the next stages in their relationship is learning to fully accept themselves and each other. Earlier this year, the couple celebrated Easter with their children as one big happy family, sharing a sweet selfie with Smith’s mother, brother, and son from a previous relationship.

Overall, Pinkett Smith and Smith have been working on their relationship and are committed to figuring things out together. Despite their separation and past struggles, they have shown a united front and are focused on accepting themselves and each other in order to move forward in their relationship. The couple has been through ups and downs, as detailed in Pinkett Smith’s memoir, but are determined to stay together forever. They continue to support each other’s projects and celebrate milestones as a family, showing a strong bond and dedication to making their relationship work. Their journey together is one of growth, acceptance, and love.

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