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In March of 2020, airline pilot Gregory Lynn went on trial for the murder of Carol Clay, 73, and Russell Hill, 74, at Bucks Camp in the Wonnangatta Valley. Robyn, a friend of Hill’s, became worried when he went silent for three or four days during one of his camping trips. She contacted friends for advice and then reported him missing to the police, leading to the discovery of the missing pair’s burnt remains at a second site off the remote Union Spur Track near Dargo. Lynn’s legal team claimed that Hill and Clay died accidentally, while the prosecution alleged that Lynn, a hunter, killed them with murderous intent. He was accused of torching their campsite and driving their bodies out of the valley in a trailer.

Hill’s daughter, Debra, testified that her mother had called her on March 25, 2020, after becoming concerned about her father’s radio silence during his camping trip. She typically listened in to ensure his safety. When Debra sensed her mother’s worry, she advised her to contact the police. During the trial, crime scene officer Sergeant Matthew Tanner described the scene at Bucks Camp, noting fire damage to Hill’s white ute, burnt solar panels, camping equipment, and personal belongings. Inside the ute’s cabin, a wallet and other items belonging to Carol Clay were found. Lynn claimed that Clay was accidentally shot while the canopy of the ute was open, but Tanner did not find any blood or human tissue in that area.

In a recent development, a juror was excused from the trial due to illness during the second week of evidence. Justice Michael Croucher informed the remaining 14 jurors of the situation and decided to continue without her to avoid any delay in the trial. The podcast “The Missing Campers Trial,” presented by Nine reporter Penelope Liersch and Age reporter Erin Pearson, will follow the court case in real time as it unfolds. The trial must continue with a minimum of 12 jurors to deliver a verdict, and Croucher expressed hope that no more jurors would be lost during the proceedings.

The trial of Gregory Lynn for the murder of Carol Clay and Russell Hill has brought to light the events surrounding their disappearance and deaths during a camping trip in the Wonnangatta Valley. The prosecution alleges that Lynn intentionally killed the pair after their campsite was torched and their bodies were removed from the valley. Witness testimonies, including that of Hill’s daughter, Debra, have shed light on the concern and worry that friends and family experienced during the days of silence from the missing campers. The evidence presented at the trial, such as the state of the burnt campsite and personal belongings found in Hill’s ute, has provided insight into the events leading up to the discovery of their remains off the Union Spur Track near Dargo.

While Lynn’s legal team maintains that the deaths of Hill and Clay were accidental, the prosecution argues that there was a deliberate act of violence committed by Lynn, a hunter familiar with the area. The trial continues to unfold with the presentation of evidence and witness testimonies, despite the absence of one juror due to illness. The podcast “The Missing Campers Trial” offers a real-time look into the court case, providing updates and insights into the proceedings as the jury deliberates on the fate of Gregory Lynn. As the trial progresses, more details are expected to emerge regarding the events that led to the tragic deaths of Carol Clay and Russell Hill during their camping trip in the Wonnangatta Valley in March 2020.

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