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The Federal Reserve does not see any signs of a recession on the horizon for the next few years. Economic projections show that growth is expected to be strong in 2024 and beyond. Analysts, including Goldman Sachs’ chief economist, are optimistic that the economy will continue to perform well with robust corporate earnings and a thriving labor market. Fed Chair Jerome Powell highlighted the strength of the economy, low inflation, and high employment rates as indicators of continued growth.

Despite interest rates being at their highest levels in two decades, the economy is displaying remarkable resilience. Economists expect this strength to persist in the coming years. Fed officials anticipate three rate cuts this year, but interest rates will settle at levels well above the near-zero rates of the past. The economy is expected to remain solid due to better productivity and structural changes in the workforce. However, any unforeseen economic shocks or inflation spikes could lead to a downturn.

Reddit made its debut on the New York Stock Exchange, more than a decade after many of its peers. The company had a successful IPO, with shares trading at a high of $57.80, up as much as 70% from its initial price offering. This milestone marks a significant achievement for Reddit, which has been preparing for its public debut for years. The performance of Reddit’s stock could set a precedent for other companies considering going public, making it a crucial event in the tech industry.

In terms of upcoming economic events, the Chicago Fed is set to release its National Activity Index for February, along with data on new home sales. Earnings reports from companies like McCormick and GameStop are expected, along with data on durable goods orders and home prices. Fed governors will also deliver remarks throughout the week. Thursday will see the release of GDP estimates, unemployment numbers, and consumer sentiment readings, while markets will be closed on Friday in observance of Good Friday.

Overall, the economic outlook for the US remains positive, with strong growth projected for the coming years. Despite potential risks such as unexpected economic shocks or inflation spikes, economists are confident in the resilience of the US economy. The Fed’s commitment to maintaining stability and supporting growth through interest rate adjustments provides a sense of confidence in the future economic landscape. As the economy continues to show strength in various indicators, the consensus among analysts is that the US is well-positioned for continued growth and stability in the years to come.

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