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The latest national polls between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden have shown a tightening race, with Trump now leading Biden by only one percentage point, according to the RealClearPolitics polling average. This is the smallest lead Trump has had since January, amidst a surge in Democratic momentum which includes a historic fundraising haul for the Biden campaign. Biden has been gaining ground in recent polls, with a slight lead in a Quinnipiac poll and improvements in swing states in the Bloomberg/Morning Consult poll.

While Trump still leads in a majority of polls taken this month, at least eight national surveys in March show Biden leading Trump. This includes polls by Mainstreet Research/Florida Atlantic University and Reuters/Ipsos. To solidify his lead, the Biden campaign has shifted strategies by attempting to attract supporters of former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who recently exited the GOP race. A recent ad launched by the campaign highlighted Trump’s criticisms of Haley and her supporters, aiming to appeal to Republican-leaning voters who may be undecided.

Biden’s strong polling numbers come after his well-received State of the Union speech on March 7, which exceeded expectations and bolstered his image. Additionally, Biden is leading Trump in fundraising, with a major fundraising event held in New York City alongside former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton that reportedly raised $25 million. The event featured 5,000 guests at Radio City Music Hall and performances from artists like Lizzo and Queen Latifah. First Lady Jill Biden claimed it was the biggest fundraiser the DNC has ever held, showcasing the campaign’s financial strength.

Despite recent improvements in Biden’s polling numbers, Trump’s spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt pushed back on the trends, citing over 100 polls showing Trump ahead of Biden. While Biden may be gaining ground, he is still underperforming compared to where he was at this time in 2020. The Bloomberg/Morning Consult poll showed Biden making gains in swing states, but Trump still maintains an edge in most of them, leading by significant margins in key battleground states.

Biden has also been addressing critics’ concerns about his age and stamina, trying to flip the script by highlighting his busy campaign schedule compared to Trump’s leisure activities. He joked about Trump’s policies being “old and out of shape” at a recent fundraising event and shared a video on social media showcasing the differences between their activities. As the election draws closer, the race remains tight and both candidates are focusing on gaining support in crucial swing states to secure victory in November.

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