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In the current bearish market, where high net-worth investors are focusing on large-cap tokens, smaller investors are turning to coins like Shiba Inu, PEPE coin, and Bitgert’s BRISE coin. Bitgert’s BRISE coin, launched in 2021 as a layer 1 blockchain network, has gained popularity with its 600k community members and more than 25M transactions completed. The token, hosted on its own chain, boasts a deflationary mechanism that has increased demand by reducing its supply. Bitgert’s BRISE coin has already seen a significant increase in value, jumping 40,000% since its launch, and market indicators suggest it may be a better investment choice than Shiba Inu and PEPE coin.

Shiba Inu, a community-building cryptocurrency that operates on the Ethereum chain, entered the market in 2020 as a meme currency killer and initially gained a lot of hype. However, Shiba Inu has since lost momentum due to a lack of utility in the blockchain community. While it can run smart contracts and work with decentralized applications, Shiba Inu does not offer much beyond community engagement. Market indicators show Shiba Inu to be overbought, signaling a potential dump of the token and a selling pressure in the market.

PEPE coin, an ERC-20 token also hosted on the Ethereum chain, is used for transactions on NFT marketplaces and peer-to-peer transactions. Like Shiba Inu, PEPE coin operates on a deflationary mechanism but has not seen significant growth in the market due to a lack of use cases in the blockchain community. Recent performance of PEPE coin has been lackluster, with a 20% fall in value within a week, raising concerns among buyers. Market indicators also suggest a selling pressure for PEPE coin, making it the least favorable choice among Shiba Inu, PEPE coin, and Bitgert’s BRISE coin.

Bitgert’s BRISE coin stands out as a mid-cap token with significant growth potential compared to Shiba Inu and PEPE coin. The token’s PoA consensus mechanism, 100k TPS speed, near-zero gas fees, and trust-building features have attracted a large user base to the Bitgert network. Market indicators like an RSI score over 55 and a positive MACD score send strong buy signals for Bitgert’s BRISE coin, indicating potential for further gains. With positive sentiment in the market and predictions of $0.0001 against the current price, Bitgert’s BRISE coin is positioned as a better investment option.

Overall, in the current bearish market, Bitgert’s BRISE coin emerges as the most promising investment choice compared to Shiba Inu and PEPE coin. While Shiba Inu has lost momentum and lacks utility in the blockchain community, and PEPE coin faces selling pressure and a lack of growth, Bitgert’s BRISE coin offers significant growth potential with its unique features and strong market indicators. Investors looking to maximize returns in the current market conditions may find Bitgert’s BRISE coin to be a more favorable option for investment.

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